When I was a child…

I started my schooling when I was 3 years old .Going to school was something I never enjoyed during my initial years. However,returning home brings equally joy. The moment I reach my home was used to be the best moment of my whole day.I used to hug my mother and narrate to her all my … Continue reading When I was a child…


Remembering my Past – 4

Links to previous posts : Remembering my Past – 1 Remembering my Past -2 Remembering my Past -3 I also started communicating my emotions, sadness and love for her in the same indirect way.I was desperate to break this indirect mode of communication .I decided to break it on her Birthday which was just two … Continue reading Remembering my Past – 4

छोटी सी बात

ज़िंदगी से परेशान एक सख्श मिला, मैंने पूछा क्यों भाई, बड़े परेशान दिख रहे हो, बात क्या है? उसने कहा क्या कहूँ भैया ! तीन बार खुदखिशी किया , साला हर बार बच जाता हूँ। मैंने कहा बेटा इश्क़ कर ले ।   Thanks for reading.


अभी वो आँख भी सोई नहीं है अभी वो ख़्वाब भी जागा हुआ हैं| हमने करवट बदल के भी देखा, उस तरफ भी तुम याद आती हो |     Disclaimer: not my own creation.