Remembering my Past -2

It was going to almost a month since we stopped chatting over whatsapp.Let me rewind the story a month back.Before a month she blocked me on whatsapp as I was unable to convince my family for our marriage.In fact, I didn't try my best to convince my family because I was waiting for the perfect … Continue reading Remembering my Past -2



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Sleepless Night

Last night went to bed at 01.00AM.Weather was very cool and pleasant.It was raining.Opened my window.Chilled air from outside lowered my room temperature by at least 3 degree. Thought to get good sleep.But the result was same.And hence one more sleepless night added to my coffer.


Sunday morning , 8:46 am.Had a cup of tea.Could not slept well last night.Lots of thoughts were intersecting inside my brain which kept me awake.I realized one thing that if you deliberately try to erase some recent memory you end up rewriting it and making it more vivid.