Remembering my Past -3

"Very often I started seeing my whatsapp only to confirm whether she unblocked me or not.But every time I do it , I become more depressed .However,this phase of desperation lasted till she unblocked me almost after a fortnight." cont.. It was a summer evening.At around 8 o'clock I just checked my whatsapp.Few unseen status … Continue reading Remembering my Past -3


Remembering my Past -2

It was going to almost a month since we stopped chatting over whatsapp.Let me rewind the story a month back.Before a month she blocked me on whatsapp as I was unable to convince my family for our marriage.In fact, I didn't try my best to convince my family because I was waiting for the perfect … Continue reading Remembering my Past -2


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Sleepless Night

Last night went to bed at 01.00AM.Weather was very cool and pleasant.It was raining.Opened my window.Chilled air from outside lowered my room temperature by at least 3 degree. Thought to get good sleep.But the result was same.And hence one more sleepless night added to my coffer.