When I was a child…

I started my schooling when I was 3 years old .Going to school was something I never enjoyed during my initial years. However,returning home brings equally joy. The moment I reach my home was used to be the best moment of my whole day.I used to hug my mother and narrate to her all my school stories. I used to share everything with my mother like loosing my pencil , any injuries if I got .My mother just listen to me carefully and console me with smile and love.This brings in me kind of satisfaction and happiness.

The routine continued till I reached Eighth standard.In 8th standard,  once I bunked my Mathematics class with some of my friends. We went to school terrace and hide ourselves . When I reached my home, as usual I narrated to my mother the whole incidents. However, this time the response of my mother was unwelcome. She scolded me and complained to my father. Next day, my father went to my school and met my class teacher. My class teacher yelled at me and warned me from repeating such things in future.

This incident was an eye opener for me. Slowly I started to restrict myself. Now, I understood what I can share to my mother and what I can not.I just share to my mother those things which I was pretty sure that it won’t lead to any punishment.

After completing my 10+2, I moved to another city for my graduation. Now, I stopped sharing my personal life with my mother. I didn’t share to my mother anything when I smoked my first cigarette and had my first glass of liquor.

After my sleep deprivation in recent days due to my love failure, I called to counsellor for his advise and didn’t share anything to my mother.

I have a question in my mind :-

Who is responsible for this transformation?

Is it me ? or the incident ?

or ignorance of my parents and teachers to understand child psychology?

I am sure there are many people in this category who just do not share everything to their parents and seek advise of the third party, who hardly knows anything about him/her. Why such transformation once we grow up? Would it be blunder, If I say – Mom, I just had a liquor with my friend on his birthday party. Or, I have a girlfriend/Boyfriend. I don’t think so. When majority are doing the same , it is natural to get inclined towards it.

The solution lies how we nurture the child. Role of parents and teachers are immense important. Every child makes mistakes and S/he may have some bad habits like bunking class or stealing books,pencils etc during school days. Instead of scolding and punishment S/he needs love and proper advise to make his own assessment between good habits and bad habits.


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