Live life in Reality ..

It was around 12 noon. I went to canteen of my office in the ground floor to have a cup of tea. It is a small canteen have the capacity of around 40 people. There is always rush in the canteen. People from other nearby offices also come to the same canteen. Luckily I found a chair to seat but have to share the table with other three people who I didn’t know.I ordered a cup of tea. I was sitting silent and observing people around me . I always like to observe people and reading them.

The three friends,who shared table with me, were engaged in some boring conversation with half of their attention on their cell phone. The table on my left was occupied by some aged employees of my office who were debating some hot political topic and they were constructively engaged in the debate with proper eye contact and full involvement.In my right table five beautiful girls probably from the same office were waiting for their order with their eyes fixed at their cell phone and their fingers were moving faster as if the invigilator in an examination hall has already given the last warning before the final bell.

My observation :

Aged people are not much interested in social media – sliding facebook pages and  chatting with someone unnecessarily. Their likeness are also different. They selected the politics as common topic which ensured everyone’s full involvement.

Now, coming to younger generations. Sitting in a group and yet lost in one’s own world has becomes the norms of today’s generation. Thanks to social media – Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, We chat. In this category, they have thousands of virtual friends liking and commenting their posts. Such people are really not able to come out of their virtual world to experience the real world.They are living in a social isolation.They are in fact the slaves.Better to say “Digital Slaves”.

A very wise and experienced person when finally moving to his native town after his retirement, told me that our actions are the outcome of our thought process. And our thought depends on where we are spending much of our time.

I don’t see any reason behind spending too much of our precious time over the social media liking, sharing and chatting uselessly with virtual friends.

Give yourself some free time to understand your purpose behind this life.Make some hobby. Have some dream.Live life in reality.

Thanks for reading.God bless you!


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