Remembering my Past – 4


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I also started communicating my emotions, sadness and love for her in the same indirect way.I was desperate to break this indirect mode of communication .I decided to break it on her Birthday which was just two weeks later.


Finally the much awaited day had arrived.From the last one month my heart was in constant pain.All I wanted is to live like before. I wanted to talk to her, share to her my feelings .

It was Tuesday in  the month of May. The day I spend normally. Went to Office and then returned in the evening around 6 o’clock. I didn’t check my Whatsapp whole day. It was around 11.30 pm, I checked my Whatsapp just to see her. She was active half an hour before. I was really getting nervous.What if, I wished her Birthday and she gave me surprise of fixing of her marriage with someone else? The series of status updates clearly showing sign of missing someone, Was it for me or someone else?All this unanswered questions created some kind of pressure in my mind and brought some degree of nervousness in me.

From 11.30 pm till 12.00 o’clock my eyes were fixed at my wall clock experiencing every seconds and every minutes. Soon the moment came when the minutes needle superimposed the hours needle with pointed end perfectly in vertical position.

I typed her birthday massage and then send it to her at 12.02 am. Instantly I got her reply. I googled an imaged cake decorated with beauty products and her name printed on it ; and sent it to her. She was happy.I was feeling some degree of calmness in my heart , mind and whole body. However, I was still skeptical about those questions. My ears were not prepared to absorb any kind of shock at least that day.I decided to limit my talk. I send her goodbye message. May be she was not happy .May be she wanted to talk more…

will continue it in my next post.Thanks for reading. Please share your comments.


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