Live life in Reality ..

It was around 12 noon. I went to canteen of my office in the ground floor to have a cup of tea. It is a small canteen have the capacity of around 40 people. There is always rush in the canteen. People from other nearby offices also come to the same canteen. Luckily I found … Continue reading Live life in Reality ..


गुजरा जब आज उस जगह से…

गुजरा जब आज उस जगह से, जहाँ कभी बचपन गुजरा करता था । सोचा की एक बार बैठ जाऊँ फिर से उस मिटटी पे , पर वहां तो पाऊँ रखने तक की जगह नहीं थी ।।                                                          - सचिन धीरज