Remembering my Past -3

“Very often I started seeing my whatsapp only to confirm whether she unblocked me or not.But every time I do it , I become more depressed .However,this phase of desperation lasted till she unblocked me almost after a fortnight.”


It was a summer evening.At around 8 o’clock I just checked my whatsapp.Few unseen status updates were there.As I clicked on status bar, I could not believed into what I saw. It found her status update on the top.It was unexpected. Immediately I watched her status update then double-touched her DP on whatsapp and enlarged her profile picture.I  was glaring her picture continuously without blinking my eyes . “How much I missed you”, I just murmur .At least, I had some kind of relief now.I took a deep breath and inhaled lots of oxygen.But how to start conversation again, I was not very sure.I was in dilemma.What If she blocks me again, if I start conversation? I was overthinking . Finally, I decided not to take any action. I left everything on mighty time.

That night, I didn’t remember how many times I checked her last seen and profile picture.After two days, I also updated my whatsapp status.Status related to thirsty bird in summer. After few minutes I checked the list of persons who saw my status. She was also one among them.From here we started to chat through status updates at least for two weeks. I would like to call it status chat, an indirect way of communication through status updates.From her status updates I was quite sure she was not happy and she is missing someone desperately.Her emotions, love, sadness were reaching to me through her status updates. I also started communicating my emotions, sadness and love for her in the same indirect way.I was desperate to break this indirect mode of communication . I decided to break it on her Birthday which was just two weeks later.

will continue it in my next post…


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