Remembering my Past -2

It was going to almost a month since we stopped chatting over whatsapp.Let me rewind the story a month back.Before a month she blocked me on whatsapp as I was unable to convince my family for our marriage.In fact, I didn’t try my best to convince my family because I was waiting for the perfect time.As there was no scene for our marriage, she decided to stop chatting.

For me this experience was very suffocating when suddenly everything was gone.Her Profile picture , last seen everything. My eyes were full of tears.My mind was unable to think anything beyond her.Past memories were flashing before my eyes like a TV episode.Her thoughts crippled my mind. I was laying on my bed till the first rays of morning Sun after diffracting through a narrow slit of my window fallen over my eyelid.

Remembering my Past – 2 cont…

The next morning while having tea , my father gave a shock. He said, he has seen a girl for me. She is good looking and from a reputed family.The girl’s father wanted to visit us today.He asked my opinion on this. I was already shattered last night and left with no strength and desire to move so quickly. All I wanted is to live in my past at least for some time. I needed some time to heal my wounds.I decided to postponed this.The next morning I departed for Nagpur, a beautiful city in central India. Also, my current work location.My family was not happy with my decision.


The next day I joined my office. Piles of files were waiting for me.I really hate paper work of the government sector. In India, the government sector is yet to transform itself completely into digital format. Two years ago, I switched from a well reputed software firm to government sector. And I was yet to adapt with the work culture here.Somehow I managed to finished the priority pending works with half of my mind completely fixed to recent past memories.


I was quite disturbed. I was finding it very difficult to concentrate. Whenever I am alone, her thoughts spread into another half of my brain like a disease and completely take the control of my mind. I wanted to move ahead. But I had no way out. The more I think to come out of this situation, the more I fell into it.


Anything you do continuously with full involvement for a significant number of days, It’s quite natural of getting obsessed to it and the same happened to me as well. I was obsessed chatting to her.Very often I started seeing my whatsapp only to confirm whether she unblocked me or not.But every time I do it , I become more depressed.However,this phase of desperation lasted till she unblocked me almost after a fortnight.

to be continue in Remembering my Past -3…God bless you!


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