Remembering my Past – 1

It was going to almost a month since we stopped chatting over whatsapp.Let me rewind the story a month back.Before a month she blocked me on whatsapp as I was unable to convince my family for our marriage.In fact, I didn’t try my best to convince my family because I was waiting for the perfect time.As there was no scene for our marriage, she decided to stop chatting.

For me this experience was very suffocating when suddenly everything was gone.Her Profile picture , last seen everything. My eyes were full of tears.My mind was unable to think anything beyond her.Past memories were flashing before my eyes like a TV episode.Her thoughts crippled my mind. I was laying on my bed till the first rays of morning Sun after diffracting through a narrow slit of my window fallen over my eyelid.

to be continue in Remembering my Past -2…



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