Conversation with a fourth standard school kid

Excerpts of my conversation with a fourth standard school kid in a public bus on Saturday afternoon.

A small school kid holding hand of another kid boarded the bus on Saturday afternoon. I was on the window seat enjoying the outside view.One kid sat on the seat beside me and another (Probably his brother) behind me. The kid sitting beside me immediately opened his notebook and started doing his homework.For me this was little strange as we never did our school homework like this. I really pulled towards him and stated conversation.

Me: Hi ! What’s your name?

Kid : (with smiling face ) VIKASH.

Me: Why are you doing your homework here …i mean , you can do it in your home also.

Kid: Today we are going outside in the evening and we will return tomorrow morning I don’t have time to do it in home.

(I was just watching him ..curiously and thinking what a sense of responsibility this kid is having at this little age).

Me: Who else are in your family ?

Kid: My Father, Mother and my younger brother (sitting behind me ).

Me: Where your father works?

Kid: He does Majdoori (Labour work).

(I paused for sometime )

Me: So Vikash, What you want to become you have any ambition in life ?

Kid: Yes. I want to join Indian Air Force.

Me: (with strange eyes) why Indian Air Force?

Kid: (with smiling face) Last year I saw a Bollywood  movie in a Movie theater ..there only I decided to join Air force (smiled again).

Me: What you do once you reach your home?

Kid: I take lunch .Then I take some rest. Then I go for two tutions and then I return to home at 8 o’clock in the evening. I take my dinner and go to bed.

Me: When you play ?

Kid: I play only on Sunday (with his face down).

Although the conversation was small.But what I found through this conversation is children are heavily burdened with the study and they have to really compromise with their outdoor physical activities. One of the main reasons for the rising stress and  Non communicable disease among the children of our generation. His Father, Although doing labor work but giving best possible education to his kids (Hats-off). The kid’s sense of responsibility towards his younger brother and study was marvelous. And finally, having ambition in life is again something to learn from this small kid.

Thanks for reading .Thanks for your time. God bless you!





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