Middle Path

[21.07.2017 1.05 am ]

Being a very emotional person, For me it takes considerable amount of time to accept the reality and then move ahead. Probably this is the greatest weakness in me.”She is gone”..She will marry someone else and forget me entirely…is still something which my mind is not ready to accept at present.And this is the reason which is depriving me off my sleep and pushing me towards the state of depression.

I have to be practical ..I have to be strong and tough to face any reality of life.I am thinking what would had been the mental state of Buddha who left his beloved wife and family in search of truth.Where he got this much of power to leave this material world full of emotions & bonding and look for truth?

In any situation when I face a problem,I try to apply Buddha’s Madyahan marg or The  “Middle path”, I get the solution and the courage to move ahead.My mistake in current situation was,  I over-expected the things to happen in my favor and ignored the reality or the other side. If I would have considered both the side equally then my mind would have been mature and ready enough to absorb any kind of shocks resulting out of my relationship. However, I didn’t.  I ignored the lesson I had learn t during my school days and hence facing such an emotional crisis.

” Moderation in everything holds the key for peace and ultimate happiness”.


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