Whistling – An Art.

Whistling is blowing of air through small opening of one’s lips which results into sound.When I was almost 4 years old, I came across this unusual method of making sound. It was my Father who sometimes used to whistle his favorite Bollywood song “sawan ka mahina ..pawan kare shor”.I was very much passionate to learn this beautiful art. Always I try to blow air from my mouth in his absence ..but hardly it results into any kind of sound. I kept practicing it. And today I can whistle any song.

In India , Whistling is seen as bad manner and also there are lot of superstitions associated with it.Whistling at night is usually seen as calling evil forces.In Bollywood movie villain use this technique to tease beautiful girls.

However world is not just limited to India .In Spain’s Canary Island, Whistling is a language used by shepherd to communicate over long distance.Today whistling is taught in some school in China and Spain.World Whistling Championship and several such competition is organized in different parts of the country.In India, Indian Whistling Association is founded by Rigveda Deshpandey, to promote whistling as an art.


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