Then and Now…

Postman ! very familiar voice to me , which I often hear once in a month , when I was a child. I use to rush to open the door and receive the letter. And then I deliver it to my mother. The picture of my mothers desperation to read the delivered letter is still very fresh to my eyes.Sometimes reading the letter brought happiness to her and sometimes unhappiness.The relationship between the two person in this era of communication was generally warm.

Anyway we have come a long way in last two-three decades when it comes to means of communication. Thanks to the revolution in internet and lowering of tariffs by telecom companies.

No doubt the relationship with the near and dear one also got transformed drastically now. Of course we have come closer to our family and friends.Video calling and Instant messaging like whatsapp further enriched our experience of communication . However, the other side of the coin can’t be ignored.Relations now has become more vulnerable. The reaction of your texts to the person and his response now happening within a second. Which gives no time to the person on the other end of the communication channel to evaluate your present state of mind and the consequences of his response esp. during call and text messaging. One need to be very much cautious and patient while reacting to the person on the other end in the modern age of communication.


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