Absurd Questions ?

Human brain is one the the most complex things to understand. Every human being is at the different level of consciousness and their way of perceiving and interpreting the things also very differently. However , what make everyone common when it comes to thought process, right from a one month kid to 100 years old grandpa, is we all have thought process.

At this point several question is coming to my mind . what makes someone the greatest thinker of the world like Plato, Socrates and few such names?Is reading good books shapes our thought process or is it the surroundings and nurturing at home makes one different or is it inbuilt in few people ?

When a child is born he is perhaps the most curious one.But what kills his curiosity at the later stage of life?  Why he stops making innocent questions? Is he is a learnt man once he grows up?

What makes Buddha and Mahavira the founder of Buddhism and Jainism religion to reach to such a level where they may convince to any of their follower though the art of rational discussion? Is meditation helpful in shaping our thought process?



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