Few words to myself

You know the road ahead is difficult and you are alone in this journey.Lots of obstacles and distractions are waiting for you.You need to have a Killer planning and strong will power & determination to execute your plan.And finish the journey successfully which you started few years back. Never say in life "I could have … Continue reading Few words to myself


छोटी सी बात

ज़िंदगी से परेशान एक सख्श मिला, मैंने पूछा क्यों भाई, बड़े परेशान दिख रहे हो, बात क्या है? उसने कहा क्या कहूँ भैया ! तीन बार खुदखिशी किया , साला हर बार बच जाता हूँ। मैंने कहा बेटा इश्क़ कर ले ।   Thanks for reading.